Tampa Bay Helping Hands is an Inter-Faith Charity Coalition — Our goal is to help create positive change in our community and the lives of its residents.

We connect like-minded people who want to take on projects to better our communities. Our basic tenets include ideas such as:

  • Children have the right to grow up in a drug free environment.
  • Increasing literacy is a path to success for all.
  • Children are our future and we should be setting good examples of adulthood.
  • Each individual should be able to obtain affordable housing and not have to live on the streets of our cities.
  • Our environment and it’s health is a necessity for a good quality of life in the Tampa Bay area.
  • Vibrant business opportunities are an integral part of a growing & thriving community.

We welcome you all — old and young — to join us in our mission — to make Tampa Bay the best place to live, work & create a family!