On 24 March, the Scientology VMs begun their preparations for hurricane season at the Fort Harrison Park.  Wearing their distinctive yellow t-shirts, the VMs brushed up on:

  1. Using first aid.
  2. How to safely use a chain saw to clear debris.
  3. How to pitch a tent.
  4. Helping someone in shock and more.

Glendy Goodsell, Executive Director of the VMs Florida chapter addressed the group. “Two years ago, we experienced Hurricane Irma in Clearwater.  Then last year Hurricane Michael devastated the North Carolina coast and the Florida Panhandle. We were able to help quickly and effectively because we prepared.”

History of Disaster Relief:

Over 160 VMs cleaned up debris and helped the residents of the Panhandle and North Carolina coast last year.  Dozens more put their lives on hold and spent months helping the victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. Some are still there.  In the 2017 Hurricane Irma, VMs boarded up downtown Clearwater and Tampa businesses before the hurricane.  Afterwards, VMs spent several weeks in Clearwater’s disadvantaged neighborhoods.  There, they distributed ice and food to households without electricity. Since 9-11, Scientology Volunteer Ministers worldwide, have helped at every major disaster.  Their motto is, “Something Can be Done about it.”

The Preparation Continues:

Volunteer Ministers have been continuing their preparation sessions.  They have also prepared hundreds of hygiene kits at their center a few blocks from the park. Emergency experts also added valuable training to their preparation sessions.

For More Information:

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers Florida offer free classes on how to help in disaster.  Some of the classes are based on the 19 chapters of the Scientology Volunteer Minister Handbook.  The classes are available at 101 N Fort Harrison Avenue, downtown Clearwater. Free online courses are also available at www.volunteerministers.org. For more information call 727-467-6966.